"A new day has dawned"

We are living in extraordinary times as we go through rapid change and transformation – right down to a DNA level. The next few years offer the greatest opportunity for personal, social, political, financial, business and spiritual growth, development, progress and happiness that there has ever been.

The old is over and it is a new day!

There is however still much cleaning up, healing, learning and growing to do and many new discoveries we need to make. I hope this website, webinars, workshops, blog articles, training courses and books on subjects like, New Success DNA, New Leadership DNA, Power Intelligence, Self Coaching for Success and many other topics, will help you to connect to your personal power and our collective potential so that as a unity, we can move forward to a bright new future.

We all have the opportunity to take off on this new journey of discovering a new season of health, wealth and happiness that benefits everyone, together.



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Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is encoded as power and potential in your DNA blueprint. Take advantage of proven strategies to advance your thinking ...

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Organisational Development

Elevate your organisational DNA and maximise personal and organisational power and potential while sustaining the momentum of growth with a sense of purpose and alignment with organisational goals.

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Personal Coaching

Learn the practical skills you need to tap into your DNA potential and elevate your personal life while you lay a new foundation for a successful future... Accelerate your relationships, career, finances health & wealth...

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brenda-hatting-tedx-pretoriaTEDx Pretoria... Featuring Dr Brenda Hattingh

To speak at TEDx Pretoria is one of the most exciting experiences. Not only meeting enthusiastic, creative and inspiring people - but here we find ‘ideas worth spreading’. I first had to get to know something about TED TALKS.... What a phenomenon! I learnt to be UNAPOLOGETIC! Bright new, mind-boggling ideas - are welcome!

TEDx - The mind-shifting short-talk phenomenon, returned to Pretoria in November for a day of disruptive ideas and bold new voices challenging a business-savvy audience to reboot their thoughts and actions to meet the needs of the future.

The theme is UNAPOLOGETIC.
“Unapologetic” is about being unconventional, going against the grain and taking a stand while remaining true to oneself; and expressing this in a manner that will elicit liberated receptivity. It is about unapologetically championing for the greater good. TEDxPretoria featured thought-provoking talks designed to spread.

My topic: DNA - Potential for Authentic Leadership. More of this later

TEDx Content coming soon...

Introduction to Authentic Leadership

DNA: Potential for Authentic Leadership
Pan Pacific Conference: Interview 1
Pan Pacific Conference: Interview 2

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