Dr Brenda Hattingh

Dr Brenda Hattingh is an international inspirational speaker and was born in South Africa.  As a leadership coach and mentor, a registered psychologist, and business, corporate and leadership consultant, Brenda invests her time in utilizing personal and organizational potential. She also focuses on utilizing personal power and authentic leadership while developing new success strategies, Power Intelligence, New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA

Brenda is committed to the development of a new generation of successful, innovative, inspired, thinkers and leaders. She presents workshops nationally and internationally, lectures at various universities and has published various books. Brenda is also the recipient of various awards including Professional Business Woman of the Year and her work is featured on TEDx Talks as she introduces the next season of human development and leadership training in ‘DNA – Potential for Authentic Leadership’

International Keynote Speaker

Dr Brenda Hattingh is an international inspirational speaker covering various leadership topics. She presents workshops on Authentic Leadership, A New DNA and Quality Living. Brenda speaks on radio and television shows and is invited as keynote speaker at company events and conferences.


TEDx Pretoria

To speak at TEDx Pretoria is one of the most exciting experiences. Not only meeting enthusiastic, creative and inspiring people - but here we find ‘ideas worth spreading’. I first had to get to know something about TED TALKS.... What a phenomenon! I learnt to be UNAPOLOGETIC! Bright new, mind-boggling ideas - are welcome!

TEDx - The mind-shifting short-talk phenomenon, returned to Pretoria in November for a day of disruptive ideas and bold new voices challenging a business-savvy audience to reboot their thoughts and actions to meet the needs of the future.

The theme is UNAPOLOGETIC.
“Unapologetic” is about being unconventional, going against the grain and taking a stand while remaining true to oneself; and expressing this in a manner that will elicit liberated receptivity. It is about unapologetically championing for the greater good. TEDxPretoria featured thought-provoking talks designed to spread.

My topic: DNA - Potential for Authentic Leadership. More of this later

Brenda's Life Story and Message

I was born on 06 October 1950 in South Africa to an Afrikaans father and English mother. I also had a Ndebele nanny named Favvi. Confusion was part of my earliest memories as the discrimination in South Africa, was rampant.


As early as I could remember I needed to make sense of things and understand what was going on.

From an early age this set me on a path of searching for a deeper truth and understanding…

Working diligently at school while excelling academically and in sport, placed me in a position to obtain various bursaries to attend university. The aim was to become a medical doctor with my B.Sc. Degree.

I got married as a student to a man nearly ten years my senior. First, we had twin daughters later followed by four sons. At the very young age of 23-years old, I was devastated by the deaths of the twins within 24-hours of each other.  Although their deaths were caused by medical negligence I couldn’t help becoming aware of how fragile life really is.

At the same time, it made me become aware of the fact that we easily can identify, diagnose and treat physical wounds but very little was known about psychological wounds, a broken heart and devasted soul…

My mission became clear… I needed to find out how to heal myself – and then maybe I could be of help to others...  A radical career change was inevitable.

My research and development spanned various fields including neuro-science, Genetics, Psychology, education, religion, community development and business psychology. This led to a career as lecturer at various universities and Business Institutes.

I’ve spent more than 30 years as psychologist in private practice that included facilitating change and transformation on a personal and organizational level.   Various community development projects have been launched, transformational and rehabilitation projects launched in The Central Prison in Pretoria. Various contributions were also made in the High Court of South Africa. However, facilitating change and transformation in the modern South African environment proved to be one of the greatest challenges and also the most rewarding. For this I was privileged to receive the ‘Professional Business Woman of the year Award.’

In 2000, everything suddenly came to a halt. A motorcar accident left me unable to walk with three fractured neck vertebrae. I was devastated. This lead to many months in bed and long hours alone as I tried to piece my life and career, together again. Unfortunately, I was so burnt-out from all the above, that my journey back to health became long and arduous. During this time, I realised how easily we give away our personal power to people, projects and processes. This usually is done under the umbrella of ‘being of service to others’.

The Question was: What about me? It was time to stop. I needed to detox – detangle and redesign my own life – before I could ever be of service to others again.

The months in bed now changed into a season of learning, research and development. The book Power Intelligence – Mastering your Miracle Mind, followed.  In the silence I also became aware that developing our personal potential included a whole new mindset of ‘success’ that included authentic living and mining our power and potential from our DNA. The book New Success DNA followed.

During this time, it also became obvious that humanity was going through a transitional phase. This was more than just a developmental issue – it also included a deep spiritual path with the raising of awareness and maturing of consciousness. People were becoming mindful and aware.

This also called for a new kind of leader – and authentic leader to stand up and show the way. The book New Leadership DNA followed that introduced a new season of coaching, training and development of authentic leaders.

It has also been my privilege to speak at various national and international conferences, conventions, seminars and meetings while taking part in various pod-casts, radio and TV-talk shows. A career as public and professional speaker emerged…

It was a privilege when I was invited to speak about DNA-activation and the potential of developing Authentic Leaders at TEDx Talks (Pretoria). Not only does this open new doors and avenues it also placed the very important role of mining our lost potential from our dormant DNA, on center stage…

Now it is time to move forward – once more…

The adage ‘when the student is ready – the teacher will arrive’ is true. However, ‘when the teacher is ready – the students will arrive’. Now the next step has arrived – we are going digital.

With the latest technology it is now possible to make global contributions and touch the lives of more people through webinars, long-distant coaching, mentoring and training while A New DNA Academy is in the foreseeable future

Up and till now it has been much more than a personal development, academic and scientific journey –  I has also been a deep spiritual journey into the unknown…

My constant support during all this time has come from my four sons to whom I will be forever grateful. Later their wives and my grandchildren joined this adventure. How blessed am I to have all these wonderful souls in my life! This journey has not only proven to be invaluable to my personal development – it has also been part of a whole new foundation for our family and hopefully for generations to come.

… the journey continues…

I am committed to the development of a new generation of successful, innovative, inspired, thinkers and leaders These are all people with A New DNA. They are laying the foundations of a whole New Earth that is emerging. I’m also grateful for the opportunities to share all this information with everyone who would like to join this adventure.  


Ps: You can read more of this path and the research findings in various books available in the online shop. Royalties go to the Power Intelligence Development Trust, a not for profit organization.

Videos by Dr Brenda Hatting

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