PI(S)P Case Study – Stan




This is an example of how the PI Profile (PIP) can be used as an indicator/guide and/or discussion document to identify, address, solve and realign strategic issues in your personal life, relationships, team and organization. The information can be used in a decision making process on the path of unleashing personal power, building human capitol and business wealth and creating success and prosperity for all.
The PI profile can be used as a discussion document/ coaching document between:

1. Two or more persons in a:
a. Personal relationship (marriage, friends, parents/children, committed relationships)
b. Professional relationship (e.g. psychologists, religious leaders / pastors / Leaders in all areas, coach or counsellor)
2. Team / organizational relationship: manager, colleague, leader, and director.
3. Personal development: use it to soundboard, challenge and master your self

If you cannot find the answers on your own, please see a trusted friend or professional counsellor.