PISP – Organisational Case Study




This is an example of how the Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) can be used as an indicator/guide and/or discussion document to identify, address, solve and realign strategic issues concerning team, group or organizational dynamics. The information can be used in a decision making processes on the path of unleashing personal, team, department and company potential, building human capitol and business wealth and creating, wellness, resilience, success and prosperity for all.
The PISP profile can be used as a discussion, management or coaching document for:
1. Organizational monitoring, management and development or strategic planning
2. An organizational dashboard assessment tool.
3. Synergy between two or more groups, teams or departments
4. Maximising team/organizational relationships between leader, manager or colleagues
5. Creating new levels of health, wellness, success and prosperity for all
6. Each person their own personal PISP to use as a tool in self-development on their path of self and self-mastery.